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They tell me I'm crazy, you told me I'm golden

and your very flesh shall be a great poem
14 June
Glutton for punishment. Whore for tragedy. Sucker for a man with a good vocabulary.
Junkie. Caffeine and music.
Writer. Kind-of.

100 monkeys, 1984, 30 rock, 30 seconds to mars, 3oh!3, a clockwork orange, a star is born, amanda fucking palmer, american psycho, andrew belle, annie/jeff, anya marina, arctic monkeys, arrested development, being ambivalent, being dark and twisty, bill hicks, bloc party, bon iver, buffy the vampire slayer, cabaret, clerks, cliche-wall-collages, community, cookie monster, counting crows, creative non-fiction, criminal minds, cruel intentions, demon-fighting brothers, descending into chaos, dirty mistress ship, dondraper!abed, dresden dolls, family guy, fight club, finding new music, finishing my procrastination, firefly, florence + the machine, flyleaf, foals, freaks and geeks, frightened rabbit, funsponge, glee, grey's anatomy, hating-producers-that-cancel-my-shows, heart, hipsters, icy things, ill-mannered elderly people, jackson rathbone, james mcavoy, jane austen, jesse st. james, john hughes films, john-mayer-when-he's-not-being-a-douche, jonathon groff, joy division, juliette and the licks, ke$ha, kevin mchale, kings of leon, little miss sunshine, little women, lydia, lykke li, mark/callie unashamedly, marya hornbacher, matchbox 20, matt nathanson, matthew gray-gubler, men-with-inside-scars, metric, misfits, mumford & sons, nerdgasms, nirvana, noah puckerman, not-changing-the-month-on-my-calender, not-having-to-leave-my-bed, oasis, paramore, patti smith, pearl jam, penelope garcia, poetry, post-it notes, pretty balanced, pride and prejudice, private jokes, private practice, puck/quinn, quinn fabray, rachel berry, romeo + juliet, sandra oh, sara ramirez, secretary, serenity, shipping-everyone-on-community, sia, skinny boys, skins, songs-with-excessive-titles-and-brackets, spaced, spencer reid, spring awakening, st. berry, stating the obvious, supernatural, sybris, tarantino-tropes, that-high-voice-i-get-when-i-say-thank-you, the cranberries, the levellers, the smiths, the vampire diaries, the virgin suicides, the weepies, the-cold-side-of-the-pillow, tim roth in everything, trainspotting, troy-and-abed-in-the-morning, trying to write, twilight saga (don't shoot!), twitching-from-too-much-caffeine, wanting-to-live-in-whedon's-world, what is this fuckery, when harry met sally, yeah yeah yeahs